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The message of Honorable Chief Justice GB Chief Court Gilgit-Baltistan, Gilgit It’s a matter of great pleasure for me to express my gratitude and satisfaction that Gilgit-Baltistan Chief Court has its official website steadily progressing towards betterment. Since this is the new era where information technology plays a significant role in all walks of life including the judiciary. Correspondingly, Information technology for the judiciary is rather more important for the dissemination of Court proceedings to all stockholders as well as court staff. This new age with Swift changing human civilization in the wake of the latest technology can empower the entire judicial fraternity to render speedy justice with better legal options. It’s also an irrefutable fact that information technology has increased the performance of the judiciary and minimized the long-winded adjournments by enabling the judges and judicial fraternity to explore the court associated activities through various means of communication like video conferencing, electronic mails, and other advanced communication devices. The website of the Gilgit-Baltistan Chief Court provides all legal information, proceedings, judgments, training, seminars, workshops, and other relevant information to all stakeholders and judicial fraternity as an added facility. However, improvement provisions are always inevitable, therefore it’s my commendation to all concerned staff to keep the website up to date and new information may be uploaded in a consolidating manner. Since our utmost determination is to provide speedy justice to the aspirants, therefore, this website must be administered in such a way that all law-associated people, lawyers especially those who are keen to learn and litigate the community may also be benefited from this facility. I must congratulate the concerned IT staff for maintaining this website at their level best, and I am optimistic to remark that this website shall be equally useful to all stakeholders in some or other way.


Meeting With The Ex-Secretary of Ministry of Kashmir Affairs & Gilgit Baltistan

07 Jun 2022

Memorandum Signed Between Legal Aid Society Pakistan & Chief Court Gilgit

30 May 2022

On The Occasion of Visit To Republic Of Turkey

26 May 2022

On The Occasion Of Meeting With Turkey Law Minister

26 May 2022

Case Hearing From Abroad

24 May 2022

Stone Breaking Ceremony Of Judges Hostel

17 May 2022

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19 May 2022

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14 May 2022

Charter Accountant Federal And Auditor Visit Chief Court Gilgit

11 May 2022

President Of GB Hight Bar Council Visit Chief Court Gilgit

11 May 2022

Inauguration of Official Website GB Chief Court Visit

11 Mar 2022

Human Rights & The Rule Of Law Training Session

14 Mar 2022

Lahore High Court Visit

07 Feb 2022

Hon'ble Chief Justice Visit Sindh High Court

08 Jan 2022

Hon'ble Chief Justice Visited Peshawar High Court

25 Jan 2022