Tablighi Ijhtimah religious gathering in Gilgit on May 16 to 17, The Gilgit Baltistan Chief Court observes half-day during these days..

The undersigned is directed to say that, the Tablighi Ijhtimah is scheduled to take place from the afternoon of 16th May 2023 to the afternoon of 17th May 2023 at Gilgit city. In light of the significance of this religious gathering for the public, it has been decided that a half-day observance will be observed at the Gilgit-Baltistan Chief Court for the dates mentioned above. The Hon'ble Judges are requested to exercise discretion and refrain from making any adverse comments if any lawyers or litigant public fail to appear in any case before the Hon'ble Judges during the mentioned time frame, as individuals may be engaged in religious activities related to the Tablighi Ijhtimah and may face difficulties in attending court proceedings. This issue by the order of Hon'ble Chief Justice GB Chief Court.