Prior to 1972, no regular Courts like the other parts of the country had been functioning in Gilgit Baltistan and judicial matters were dealt under the FCR. The Resident Commissioner was exercising the powers of a Judge of High Court; the Political Agent was vested with the powers of District & Sessions Judge while the Assistant Political Agents were functioning as Civil Judges. In 1972 some sort of administrative and judicial system had introduced over the area by abolishing FCR and the laws of Pakistan also extended to Gilgit-Baltistan by the Kashmir Affairs Ministry, consequently Gilgit-Baltistan was declared one Sessions division by appointing a District and Sessions Judge at Gilgit and Civil Courts were also established.

The Court of Resident Commissioner exercising the same powers of Judge High Court was substituted with the Court of Judicial Commissioner in 1976 with the powers of High Court and another Court of District and Sessions Judge was also established in Skardu. Later on some other posts of District and Sessions Judges were created in the newly established districts in the Northern Areas.

Our Juricdictions

The Gilgit-Baltistan Chief Court has Jurisdiction to decide legal matters and to perform the functions of the Court in the light of Articles 86, 87, 88,90,91,92 and 93 of The Government Of Gilgit-Baltistan Order,2018...Read More

District Judiciary Achievements

~ Advance IT equipments "Latest Computers, Laptops, Printers and Scanner" has been provided to each court in District Judiciary.

~ State of the Art Video Link equipments has been successfully installed at seven District Judiciary and remaining will also be starting soon in next phase.

~ Also started online hearing of cases through Video Link in seven District Judiciary.

~ For the Automation of District Judiciary, Online Submission of monthly case statement integrated by IT Department under the vision of Hon'able Chief Justice Mr. Ali Baig and Hon'able Registrar Ghulam Abbas Chopa.

District Judiciary Judges

~ Our District and Sessions Judges...Read More

~ Our Additional District and Sessions Judges ...Read More